Magnum Companies


Real Estate Development & Commercial Property Management


Magnum Development and its brokerage affiliate Magnum Realty,  focus on real-estate development, urban redevelopment, build-to-suit opportunity, and commercial property management.



Developing Communities & Delivering Value

We are a full service development, property management and brokerage company creating long-term value for our investor partners.

Our team creates value by delivering tailored projects regardless of the location or size and scope of the project specifically designed to meet the needs of a given market or particular end-user.


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Business Consultants

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Property Management

Our Business Consultants provide management consulting to help organizations improve performance and efficiency.

We manage: Office Retail, Industrial, Single-Family Subdivision, Apartments, Entertainment, Hotel, LandHolding and more.

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Entrepreneur Program


Magnum Companies bases its rigorous process on the core principles of Integrity, Community, Collaboration and Sustainability. We achieve superior investment returns while transforming and developing communities.